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How do you run a house with no electricity to help you? What would you do without a vacuum cleaner to help clean up the mess? Come along to Ham House and experience what it was like in the 17th Century from the servant’s perspective, where both children and adults worked hard to keep this grand house running. Get hands-on this Half Term to find out what life was like for those not so highly born in the 17th Century.

©National Trust Images/John Millar

A grand mansion like Ham House and Garden can’t maintain its beauty without a lot of help. Today a team of staff and volunteers alike help to run the house and keep it open for visitors, but in the past fleets of servants, gardeners, maids and butlers lived and worked here to make sure the mansion lived up to the Duke and Duchess’ strict standards.

©National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

Step back in time to become one of the Duke and Duchess servants for the day and follow your instructions precisely to complete all the tasks and chores. You might have to sort vegetables for the cook, tidy and sweep in the scullery, lend a hand to the gardeners, and do the laundry. Sound tiring? Don’
t worry, there will be somewhere you can have a lie down afterwards. Activities will be placed throughout the house and grounds for you to discover as you explore.

Activities are free to take part in but if you want to learn more our child friendly activity book is available for £2 which includes more fun facts and games for you to do at Ham or at home.

Normal admission prices to Ham House and Garden apply, free for National Trust members.