Not many people can say that cycling across Africa inspires you to start your own business. But that is exactly what happened to Dicky Broadhurst, owner of Morse Toad, a chocolate gift company. We wanted to find out more.

Where did the idea for Morse Toad come from? 

The idea for Morse Toad came from a charity bike ride I did from Cairo to Cape Town. At the end of the five and a half month trip, we arrived in South Africa having raised almost £10,000 for charity.

Shortly after the trip, a package was delivered to me. It contained a chocolate bar that my Mum had sent 4 months earlier. It had missed me at the first checkpoint and been shipped from country to country in hot (literally) pursuit of the cyclists.

This chocolate got me thinking. Sometimes it’s those little gestures that make all the difference.

Why did you decide to make chocolate gifts? 

I wanted a way to make a unique gesture that was more than a card. Chocolate was the obvious choice, both as the original inspiration for the business, but also because 90% of us eat chocolate on a regular basis.

What is your favourite chocolate memory? 

When we received the chocolate in South Africa, the chocolate had been on the road for 5 months and had melted and re-melted countless times. But standing there, many miles of cycling under our belt, this chocolate tasted like heaven.

What inspired you to make the chocolate memory box environmentally friendly?

Packaging waste has been at the forefront of climate discussions for the last few years. We realised that we too were contributing, specifically with our chocolate box that was always disposed of after the chocolates had been enjoyed. What if the box could have a second purpose? So we came up with the idea of making the chocolate box into a photo gift to hang on the wall.

Father’s Day is coming up. What kinds of gifts have you seen people giving at Morse Toad?

Father’s Day is a very special occasion for us. The photograph aspect of the gift represents a great opportunity for people to make the gift really personal with a favourite and a chocolate message.

Where does the name Morse Toad come from?

When thinking of a name, I was looking for names around messaging which is how I came across Morse Code, a old form of messaging that required you to be concise in what you wanted to get across. As if by magic, a Toad appeared, and so Morse Toad was born.

Dicky Broadhurst is founder of Morse Toad. When a moment demands more than a text or a card, Morse Toad enables you to create a letterbox friendly gift that combines a personal message made from chocolate letters and a photo printed across the gift box. You can find out more about Dicky and Morse Toad at