Top tips on how to set up learning spaces

1. Create a dedicated ‘learning space’ by zoning off a quiet corner with a desk or table partnered with a comfy chair.

2. Encourage excitement about their new working space by investing in new pens, stationery and desk accessories. The more their learning space feels special, the more they’ll enjoy spending time in it.

3. Place their artwork and books around their desk, so there is constant inspiration and stimulation for their little minds.

4. No matter how much room you have at home, be sure to get the kids moving throughout the day.

Create your own timetable and allocate parts of the day to different spaces, such as a reading corner for story time, a study space for distance learning, and a messy corner for art and creative play.

5. Use a reward chart to encourage normality, routine, and as an incentive for good behaviour and kindness.

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