With Christmas around the corner, why not put some time aside for crafting with the kids. To help you along the way we have invited local author Maggy Woodley to share some of her delightful paper angels from her new book. These paper angels are super quick to make and are so cute.

This angel is made entirely out of paper – but you can also make the angel’s head from wooden beads and add hair in wool or tinsel!


Concertina fold your square piece of paper with approximately 0.5mm folds. I added some red strips to the white paper for effect – but you can leave them plain too! Fold the wide paper in concertina shape along the 10cm edge.


Fold both concertinas in half – as neatly as you can.


Then glue the white paper wings to the body.


Add your bakers twine for hanging (and it also secures the shape a little more. Glue the bottom of the angel skirt together.


To make your face, you will need a circle in skin tone colour and a strip of paper.  Glue the strip of paper to the top of the head.


Then fold down behind the head on both sides. Trim to a desired length. And add your facial features with pen. Glue the bottom of the angel skirt together.


Glue the head to the top of the angel body and add any embellishments such a gems, bows or sequins.

Easy Paper Projects contains 60 crafts that you can wear, gift, use and admire. The book is designed to use mainly paper and every day items (such as string, scissors and glue). Aimed for independent crafting for kids 8yrs+ and for a lovely ‘together time’ for younger kids. It is available from Amazon, the Book Depository or signed copies directly from Maggy (inquire at maggy@familywoodley.com).