With Christmas fast approaching, help the children get ready by involving them in some crafty Christmas fun. We asked The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington to give us their ideas.


Encouraging children to make Christmas decorations is a great opportunity for them to slow down, use their imagination and spend quality time with friends and family.

Rejoice, Recycle, Upcycle

Making your own decorations is a chance to reinforce the importance of recycling and the value of not buying everything new.

Challenge the kids to have a scavenger hunt at home to seek out old cardboard cereal boxes, tin foil, old Christmas or birthday cards, button, beads,
packaging and anything that sparkles. If you have a rag bag or any old clothes, use recycled fabric.

Get outdoors

Take the hunt outdoors to the local parks, the river or even on the way to school to forage for natural materials, giving kids the opportunity to learn about different types of trees and plants in the environment providing a great show & tell opportunity or school project inspiration for older children.

Get indoors

Embrace the dark evenings and autumnal rainy days and throw your own craft party. Get the children to invite over their friends so they can be creative together, have fun and make their own decorations.

What better way to get them away from the TV and off their devices! Provide pizza or popcorn treats and reuse the boxes.


Bend the coat hanger into a circle shape or if you are feeling adventurous a star, snowman, Christmas Tree etc.


Cut the fabric into rectangular strips measuring 20 x 6 cm


Tie the strips of fabric to the hanger, starting from the hook, all the way around wreath.  Vary colour and pattern.


Push together the fabric ties together to form depth and body to your wreath.


Last of all tie a ribbon in a bow around the hook to complete a fabulous piece to decorate your home.

All that remains to hang in pride of place!

We would like to thank the team at The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington for this article.

For more information about their annual programme of pop-up seasonal workshops, holiday and weekend art classes, visit the website  www.landmarkartscentre.org