If you have a child who has strong views on fashion, art or design – clothes can be a tricky subject.

We found one way to get children engaged in their fashion – crucially without having to createa big mess at home! Surrey based father and son, Kevin and Ben, told us about their experience with a new site which allows children (and adults) to create their own fashion designs.

Being the dad to a very arty son, I get asked to let him make his own t-shirts on a regular basis. This is then usually followed by the need to go to the local art shop in order to buy an abundance of fresh t-shirt pens and paints as the old ones have either no longer good enough or have been used up.

Imagine my delight then when I was told about Sonality – a website that allows you (or more importantly your child) to design a t-shirt or jumper of your choice using it’s online, and more importantly mess-free design tools.

Helpful inspiration

After deciding which item of clothing you wish to make you have the option to start with a blank template or, if you’re struggling for ideas, you have the option to look through some of the websites helpful inspirations – a selection of designs that you can then tweak and adapt as you wish.

Easy customisation

We opted for the create from blank which then presents you with an image of a blank t-shirt with a design area for you to place elements within. The design tools were very easy to use and have a large number of clip art graphics suitable for boys and girls (and adults) of all ages, as well as lots of different lettering options.

However, knowing exactly what he was after my son decided to upload his own image. Once uploaded he set about customising it by adding a pair of clip art glasses from the sites graphic library along with his wording in a foil red finish.

I was impressed with how intuitive the sites design tools were and how easily he built his design, I was even shooed away several times when I tried to have a go.

After finishing the front of the t-shirt and discovering the ability to add a second design to the back of the shirt as well, much to my sons delight, we approved the shirt and patiently waited for the postman to post his creation through our letterbox.

The quality of the t-shirt and the printing is very impressive, with crisp, vibrant colours and the added options of the foil lettings is also a really nice touch.

Needless to say my son was over the moon with it. The only downside, he’s already talking about his next creation!

You can find out more about Sonality at www.sonality.co.uk.