The following article has been contributed by Milly, Isla and Mischa, all Year 5 students at Wimbledon Chase Primary School. Milly, Isla and Mischa undertook a Roving Reporter challenge for Time & Leisure Junior covering the school’s Eco Fair held in June 2019. We would like to thank them for their hard work on the day and in writing up their article afterwards. We hope they continue writing in the future.

Wimbledon Chase Primary School Eco fair started at 11 am on the 29th June 2019. Hundreds of excited people flooded through the gates. It was 10 past 11 and at the barbeque stand and they had already sold 5 sausages and got £20! At the Year 6 stalls people were enjoying all the fun activities that they had made.

A popular event, which was new this year, was climbing a tree with ropes but it was rapidly booked out. Kids were dangling from a tree and they were grinning from ear to ear. A couple said “We think this fair is a big success and there are lots of people buzzing around, and this food is great!”

The Year Six stalls were packed with people and we can say the same about the food stall. “The waffles and slushies are amazing!” said a child who goes to the school.  One particular stall was quite interesting. What you had to do was pedal a bike which was connected to the smoothie blender and you would get a free smoothie at the end!

There was a donkey ride where the children rode around the school. The Go-Karting was quite interesting and was very entertaining. The children went around a track bumping into each other.

By midday it was scorching hot and there was a man who had a hose and sprayed at people. Nearly everyone was buying something cold to cool down. The water fit perfectly into the title ‘eco fair’ as they were in reusable cans which was better for the environment.

There was a stall where could pay a certain amount to get anything on the stall. The noodles were vegetarian and they were great. There were countless number of people were in the line.

The Street dance was very popular and loads of people crowded around to watch. Then the choir came next, the children and adults sang two songs together and then the adults sang one on their own, a song by Elton John.

Then the prize draw finally. First prize went to a girl in 3C. The Year Six announced their prizes. It was 3:30 and most people started to pack up but they sold all their leftovers for free. Everyone was happy with what they had just experienced and they went home with a nice feeling inside them.

“I think this has been one of the most successful Family Days yet” – Mr Ellis.