The following article has been contributed by Husniddin Khoshimov, Arca Cengiz and Isaac Hodgson, all Year 5 students at Wimbledon Chase Primary School. Milly, Isla and Mischa undertook a Roving Reporter challenge for Time & Leisure Junior covering the school’s Eco Fair held in June 2019. We would like to thank them for their hard work on the day and in writing up their article afterwards. We hope they continue writing in the future.

On the 29th of June from 11am to 3pm Wimbledon Chase Primary School, once again, organised a fun packed summer fair, this time ECO themed! The day was scorching hot; this way there was no risk of bad weather and, luckily, biodegradable cups of water were dotted around the field to stop thirst and dehydration.

ECO stalls like Mrs Hampshire’s attracted young eager planet savers where they could pick rubbish out of paddling pools to represent how important it is to keep the ocean clean and litter free. Like David Attenborough said, ‘there is no planet B’. The children at Wimbledon Chase designed handmade posters to advertise the fair! Before the fair, we made a colourful whale and various other sea life creatures out of different plastic bags to make use of it rather than it going to landfill.

Wimbledon Chase Primary School is aiming to accomplish the task of becoming the most ECO friendly school in the UK and want to spread the word that saving the planet is important because without it, we would be no more.

Countless intrigued children flooded the whole field in a race to reach first spot in line at the Year Six stalls where they showcased bottle bobbing, eco glitter, inflatable clashing, nerf gun shooting and pillow fighting. Our head teacher, Mr Ellis said, ‘the aim to raise money has been successful and we keep getting more and more excited visitors; our task to be ECO has 100% been achieved.’

We also interviewed Sarah who has a website called on being ECO friendly, posting weekly questions about the world. She gave us a statement sheet telling us, ‘we need to decrease palm oil usage due to the fact that it destroys animal habitats.’

To be as ECO as can be, WCPS tried their best to not use palm oil in any of the products we sold, including ice cream! Not only that, but our cups were made of plants and our seats made of hay just as comfortable as a normal seat or bench.

Did you know, even our local MP attended our fair, not wanting to miss out on all the fun and, near the end of the fair, the deputy mayor attended the fair and helped us plant another tree near the trim trail!

Thanks to everyone involved in the setup, we were able to make this a great day.

We hope to see you next year!