The following article has been contributed by Husniddin Khoshimov, Arca Cengiz and Isaac Hodgson, all Year 5 students at Wimbledon Chase Primary School. Milly, Isla and Mischa undertook a Roving Reporter challenge for Time & Leisure Junior covering the school’s Eco Fair held in June 2019. We would like to thank them for their hard work on the day and in writing up their article afterwards. We hope they continue writing in the future.

Wimbledon Chase Primary School’s Family Day was back in action as it, once again, is held the yearly fair. This time it was in theme of being ecologically friendly; nicknamed the ‘Eco Fair’.

The fair began at 11:00 sharp with people rushing in to buy things. Across the pavement, there were numerous beverage and food stalls from places you wouldn’t have imagined. Food that originated from places like Japan, China and America (there’s always America!).

The delicious food was so good and we managed get an interview with schoolteacher Mrs Lawless. She said: “The food is varied. There were many different options; there is no long queue or busy hustle & bustle to get the food. It is also naturally sourced and is eco-friendly.” Really, the point of the fair was to be eco, so no surprise.

The temperature was searing hot at 34oC, so they introduced some cold but sweet treats.

There was an abundance of stalls; there was something for absolutely everyone. People signed up. Year 6 children had their own stalls; it really was exhilarating. The most popular year 6 stalls were Zombie Siege (where you had to shoot year sixes dressed as zombies, using Nerf guns), Feathered Fighters (a battle against your friend to knock them off a bench) and Eco Glitter by Rebellion.

There was also a tree climbing company where you had to climb the tree near the side gate in 30 minutes (with harnesses of course). Lots of people contributed and had a ton of fun. A smoothie company came where you could make delicious smoothies where the person got to blend their smoothie by turning the pedals of a fixed bike; it was lavish!

Around the fair, there were lots of alternatives to plastic and other products that weren’t environmentally friendly: cups that looked like plastic but had none, the ice cream had no palm oil, palm oil effects the animals in the rain forests as it comes from trees, when cut down the animals homes are destroyed when the trees are cut down. We hope this does some good.

Then the prize draw finally. First prize went to a girl in 3C. The Year Six announced their prizes. It was 3:30 and most people started to pack up but they sold all their leftovers for free. Everyone was happy with what they had just experienced and they went home with a nice feeling inside them.

This was one of Wimbledon Chase Primary’s most successful fairs. We hope to see more people next year; there’s more to come!