This summer, Timbernook are once again running their holiday camps on Wimbledon Common. TimberNook provides nature-based play experiences for children that challenge the senses and inspire creativity, independence, and imagination in the great outdoors. You can find out more about Timbernook at

We asked Timebernook leader, Ausra Linkeviciute what are the top five experiences that the children love on a Timbernook camp and these are her suggestions.

These might give you some inspiration for your own summer challenges.

Mud play

Mud pies, mud construction and dinosaur bone dig in the mud – there’s always a chance for children to get muddy at TimberNook! Muddy messy play is brilliant fun of course, but also great for building a healthy immune system and improving tolerance to touch sensations. Muddy children = happy children!


Children love building their hideouts out in the woods. They have constructed houses from sticks and bricks, weaved spider webs, built bear dens and designed pirate ships! Large scale building in small groups is a wonderful opportunity to practice compromising, problem solving and listening to each other’s ideas.

Obstacle course

Loose parts are a key part of TimberNook camps as they open up opportunities for endless creativity. Children have used tyres, planks, ropes, crates and buckets –
preferably full of water or mud – to create their obstacle courses! It’s a fantastic whole- body experience that gives children a chance to challenge their strength, balance and coordination – having lots of fun in the process!

Follow the map!

Children have gone on a bear hunt bringing to life an ever-popular story, followed their maps to a treasure dig site and gone on a musical march making lots of noise with the instruments they have created. Children engage all their senses as they watch out for clues, negotiate uneven terrain, climb over obstacles, skip and jump along the way!

Party in the woods

There’s a bit of magic in the air as the site is decorated for a party in the woods – usually on the last day of camp. The set up inspires lots of pretend play and gets children planning and sharing ideas. Tables are being decorated, menus created, dishes and potions mixed and served – pine cone mud ice cream as one of the favourites!