My Living World: Ant Farm Review

Creepy Crawlies have served as an endless source of fascination for generations of children, with mine being no exception, so when we were offered the chance to try out the My Living World Ant Farm we were more than happy to oblige!

When the box arrived my two could barely contain their excitement, both clamouring for a first look, we were pleased to discover that the My Living Word Ant Farm includes everything you need to make your ant habitat, aside from the ants themselves, but these can be sourced yourself from the garden or on-line directly from Interplay for a small fee. If you are going to try and catch them yourselves please be mindful and careful when handling and bear in mind that ants from opposing colonies may (will) fight.

Most of the farm was simple enough for little fingers to click together, although the smaller one found it hard to contact her patience as toddler’s generally do – it was complete in no time at all, following the instructions we added the multiple syringes of water as directed and waited for it soak through the sand and soil mixture. Once ready, adding our interplay ants was pretty straightforward as you attach the magnifying container that they arrive in to the tube which is attached to the main structure and then you’re good to go!

We placed the ant farm out of direct sunlight as advised and waited with bated breath; before long our ant friends got to work and were burrowing away, creating an intricate design of tunnels for the children to marvel at – they loved the responsibility of feeding them with teeny tiny pieces of fruit – banana was a particular favourite. It was a truly fascinating experience to see them carry the sand and minuscule pieces of fruit from one side to the other, please do bear in mind it’s also important to give your pets an adequate supply of fresh water, something we were mindful of during this super hot weather. You can provide this buy offering some damp cotton wool in their magnifying container which also doubles up as their canteen.

This kit really did get my children engaged with nature and interested in the environment around them, we are forever on the look-out for new bugs and the toddler has leant a new word ‘Ant!’

Kit contains: Plastic Ant housing, 2 x Shades, Scene Stickers, Magnifying box, Tubing, Feeding Pipette, Tunnelling Sand, Instruction guide